Photo: UHH/Eckhardt

Welcome Week

There will be a general Welcome Week for all new international students starting  with PIASTA.
Furthermore we will offer for all new students of the masters program in Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Sciences a special i-MarSys on Oct 7th at IMF/Zoom.


11:15-11:45 Study Counselling iMARSYS (Rene Koenig) 

12-12:30 Safety Introduction. iMARSYS (Prof. Dr. Elisa Schaum) 

12:45 - 13:30 Introduction IMF + Study program  I-MARSYS (Prof. Dr. Christian Möllmann) 

opening hours

At the moment you can only reach us by phone. Please check with the respective employee for the office hours.

temporal exceptions (click here)

You can also ask for an online counseling with René König (rene.koenig"AT" Zoom.