Rosidae: Myrtales.

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Terminalia catappa, tropical almond, false kamani, kamani-haole. Tree from the E. Indies now common in Hawaii, especially along the coasts. The branches are spreading, sometimes in layers and the leaves frequently turn yellow or red before falling (rare in other plants in Hawaii). The malodorous flowers are small and white. The fruit, somewhat like that of a large almond, yields a dye that can be used as ink and a seed that can be eaten raw or roasted. The strong, elastic timber is used in construction, and the roots, bark, leaves, and fruit are used medicinally and for tanning animal skins.
Quisqualis indica, Rangoon creeper. Vigorous vining shrub from S.E. Asia. The bitter fruits may cause illness and unconsciousness but nevertheless are sometimes taken medicinally as a vermifuge. The leaf juice is sometimes used to treat boils and ulcers.
Combretum sp.
Bucida buceras, jucaro.

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