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Glossaries, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias: Geology

The Alaskan Interagency Minerals Coordinating Group: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms. More than 28,000 terms, easy to search and navigate. This information is taken from the U.S. Bureau of Mines Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms, published on CD-ROM in 1996. Ltd.: Dictionaries & Glossaries. Go to: Science & Technology, Earth Sciences.

Steven K. Baum, Texas Center for Climate Studies, Texas A&M University: Glossary of Oceanography and the Related Geosciences with References. This is a glossary of terms and concepts used in oceanography and related fields, e.g. paleoceanography, meteorology, climatology, geology, numerical analysis, signal processing and statistics. A unique feature of this compendium is the presence of links to sites on the World Wide Web that are directly related to many of the entries.

K.D. Bennett, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge: Glossary of geological terms for botanists.

University of California, Berkeley Museum, Natural History Glossary: Volume 2: Geology

Alwynne B. Beaudoin, University of Alberta, Edmonton: A Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations. This dictionary consists of acronyms and abbreviations in Quaternary studies, including societies and technique abbreviations and "terms in common use".

Joerg Bruckmann, Geologisch-Paläontologisches Institut, J.W. Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/Main: Geologie für Einsteiger, Glossar (in German).

Adam Cooper, BashRox: Glossary.

Elf Aquitaine Inc., Paris: The odyssey. Encyclopedia on Oil Exploitation. Glossary. About 200 terms related to petroleum geology.

Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), EarthNet Project, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: Glossary of Terms.

Artificial Intelligence Lab, Department of Management Information Systems, University of Arizona, Tucson: GeoRef Thesaurus (Original Printed Format). This tool indexes 26,150 thesaurus terms from the Alexandria DLI Project GeoRef Thesaurus. You can enter up to four query terms at a time. The server will search and provide a list of relevant concepts based on your query terms. GeoRef Thesaurus has been converted to an on-line format which can be accessed by a concept-based search tool. Funded by the NSF/ARPA/NASA Digital Library Initiative (DLI), the AI Lab is responsible for the semantic retrieval and user customization research components of the Illinois Digital Library Project. This project has also been supported by GeoRef Information Services through the provision of bibliographic and thesaurus data. Excellent!

Dick Gibson, Gibson Consulting, Colorado: Glossary of Geologic Terms (under construction).

Ken Grimes, VULCON Guidebook, Victorian Speleological Association Inc., Australian Speleological Federation Inc.: Glossary. Some volcanic, cave and karst terms.

! Harcourt Inc. and Academic Press: Dictionary of Science and Technology. The dictionary consists of 2,464 pages and contains a total of 133,007 entries (in 130 fields of science), making it the largest scientific dictionary ever compiled in the English language. Browse the Scientific Fields Covered by the Dictionary. Excellent!

Joseph Harrison and Wes McGowan, edited by Judith Grove, Water Quality Association (WQA): WQA Glossary of Terms. The definitions presented here are excerpted from the 1993 edition of the WQA Glossary of Terms, adapted for publication via the World Wide Web.

Gary Horton, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Nevada Division of Water Planning, Carson City, NV: WATER WORDS DICTIONARY. A compilation of technical water, water quality, environmental, and water-related terms.

INFO-MINE: INFO-MINE DICTIONARY. Mining terms and definitions.

Jeff Iverson, Iverson Software Co., Minneapolis MN: Geology Glossary. A glossary of over 900 terms related to geology.

Kentucky Coal Association, Coal Education: Glossary of Mining Terms.

Geological Survey of Norway (NGU): Geological Terms. This list is taken from the book "The geology of Narvik", published by NGU.

Oil Survey: Geology glossaries.

University of Oregon microprobe lab: Microprobe/SEM Glossary

Geological Survey of Western Australia, Minerals and Petroleum, Perth: Glossary. Glossary of terms used in the mining and petroleum industries.

! S.M. Richardson & F.P. Deluca, Department of Geological Science, Iowa State University: Illustrated Glossary of Geologic Terms. This glossary of geologic terms is based on the glossary in Earth: An Introduction to Geologic Change, by S. Judson and S.M. Richardson (Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice Hall, 1995).

The Soil Science Society of America: Glossary of Soil Science Terms.

The Soil Science Society of America: Glossary of Soil Science Terms. A sound source for this complex specialty.

Solar-Terrestrial Physics (STP), The National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC): ON-LINE GLOSSARY OF SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL TERMS.

University of South Carolina Sequence Stratigraphy Web, Sequence Stratigraphy Terminology.

Mike Strickler, Grants Pass High School and Rogue Community College: GeoMan's Glossary of Earth Science Terms.

U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, The National Geologic Map Database: GEOLEX Geologic Names Lexicon. This is a search tool for lithologic and geochronologic unit names (US focused).

US Geological Survey and the National Park Service: USGS Geology in the Parks, Geologic Glossary. This glossary contains simplified definitions for technical terms.

U.S. Bureau of Mines: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms. Please take notice of the abbreviations of certain terms, place names, and units of measure which are used in the definitions, hidden in the Introduction site below. The dictionary contains more than 28,000 terms. Excellent!

United States Environmental Protection Agency: Glossary of Climate Change Terms.

Worth Publishers: The Geologylink geologic glossary.

! (formerly Robert Beard, Bucknell University; "A Web of Online Dictionaries"). An index of on-line dictionaries, including multilingual dictionaries, specialized English dictionaries, thesauri and other vocabulary aids. Go to Geology.

M. Zirbes, National Earthquake Information Center, United States Geological Survey: Glossary of Some Common Terms in Seismology.

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