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Basic Fruit Types-3

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Members of the Cucumber Family (Cucurbitaceae) have Fleshy Fruits. However, these develop from Inferior Ovaries and thus contain Accessory Tissues. The term Pepo is used to signify these fruits.
The term False can be applied to fleshy fruits which have  developed from Epigynous Flowers. Thus, these could be called False Berries!

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An Invasive Cucurbit: Note the Inferior Ovary!

Cucumber Flower BudCucumberBud&Fruit.jpg (75703 bytes) and Fertilized Flower.

Note the location of the Perianth (Epigynous) and the Inferior Ovary!

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Cross Section of a Cucumber


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The Hypanthium produces the outer layers of the Fruit
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Cross Section of a Cucumber Ovary
The vascular system of the Cucumber Ovary is complex because it is an Accessory Fruit and thus contains vascular tissues of the Receptacle, Perianth and the Androecium plus the Gynoecium!
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ipu is the Hawaiian name for Lagenaria siceraria
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The Gourds used by Hawaiians to make many types of containers are in the Cucurbitaceae.

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