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Introduction to the Program:

The Science Scholar Research Institute (SSRI) is an award winning program that provides laboratory research experiences in the sciences, engineering, computer science, social sciences, or mathematics with nationally known scientists at three major research universities, Saint Louis University, Washington University, and University of Missouri-St. Louis, including two medical schools and an optometry school.  Students choose a topic of interest and then they are matched as close as possible to an internationally recognized research  mentor.  Students are introduced to the total scientific enterprise and learn various problem solving strategies.  Use of both hard copy and electronic sources for background references are taught and used.

Participants have access to the internet, e-mail, and inter-campus and student list serves.  Students will learn to write and communicate orally in the style appropriate for their discipline.  Many past participants have had their work published in scientific journals.  College credit in research is available.  Career confabs in a wide variety of areas will be presented in connection with laboratory rounds to various research groups.  A variety of social events are provided some evenings.  Successful participants have the opportunity to enroll in the Collaborative for Applied Experience in Science (CAES) program which matches them with summer jobs in corporate or academic research positions during their college years.

Educational Philosophy:

Students should be provided an integrated environment for academic, social, and physical development that challenges their abilities and provides a stimulating environment to develop their creativity, an environment that emphasizes the good of society and places the human being in context and harmony with self and within the universe, providing future leaders with understanding and sensibility.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Institute is to enhance the understanding and augment the application of the philosophy and processes of science and mathematics in high potential students and promote their career interests in scientifically oriented fields through integrating scholarly, social, and applied experiences developed through a partnership among schools, businesses, and universities.


The goals of the Science Scholar Research Institute are:


High School Rising Juniors, Seniors or Graduates

High School transcript; P/SAT/ACT Scores; grade point average; class standing; letters of recommendation from two science/math teachers;  completed application form.

Third week of June through the end of July; six weeks with optional seventh week.

Estimated Cost:
$25 registration fee; $1, 550 tuition; room, if needed, $70 per week; board, if needed, $70 per week.

Partial financial aid for some exceptional students who can document need.

Application deadline:
April 15

Dr. Charles Granger
College of Arts & Sciences
239 Research Complex
University of Missouri-St. Louis
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO  63121-4499

(314) 516-6226

(314) 516-6223


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