ibclogo XVI International Botanical Congess

Abstract Number: 3885
Session = 3.9.6


Bertil Nordenstam & Ida Trift, Swedish Museum of Natural History

The Calenduleae is one of the smaller tribes of the Asteraceae, with ca. 110 species in ca. 8 genera, and with a pronounced centre of distribution in Southern Africa. Our phylogenetic study including molecular, morphological, chemical and cytological data gives evidence for a revised generic taxonomy in the tribe. The molecular data are from sequences of ITS1 and ITS2 in ribosomal DNA. The combined analyses indicate that section Blaxium of Osteospermum belongs in the genus Dimorphotheca, the genus Tripteris has to be separated from Osteospermum, the genus Oligocarpus has to be separated from Osteospermum, and the species Osteospermum sanctae-helenae, endemic to St. Helena, has to be transferred to Oligocarpus. Garuleum has a doubtful position in the tribe and its affinities have to be further studied. Tripteris may be still polyphyletic and some if its members will be further studied.

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